Message of the Chair (session 2017/2018)

CIBSE Hong Kong Branch: Get Connected and Looking Ahead

Dear fellow members,

This is a very special session, we are proud to have our CIBSE President, Mr. Peter Y WONG, from Hong Kong for the first time. It is my great honour and pleasure being the Chair of the CIBSE Hong Kong Branch in the session 2017/18 and presented together with Past Chairs of CIBSE Hong Kong Branch to Peter’s Inauguration in London. His Presidential Address calling for “Reach Out” and “Spread CIBSE Message” has enlightened us to bring more members on broad and to bring in knowledge as well as let the industry to see caliber of CIBSE members.

With several new opportunities being explored and initiatives developed further to 2016/17 session, our capable Branch committee including Shanghai Panel and over 30 energetic YEN members are making their best contribution to provide members with knowledge gain, services support, membership drive, built environment fit, networking opportunities and linkage with CIBSE community as well as broadening their networks with United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Mainland Chinese and international building services engineering related communities.

The wide-eyed CIBSE Hong Kong Branch has been actively getting connected with the opportunities arising from CIBSE digitalization engineering in relation to BIM application in building services engineering , CIBSE knowledge-based training services and also supportive participation in CIBSE awards, such as the “Building Performance Awards 2018”, through progressive collaboration with CIBSE Hq. All of these new potential development will definitely enrich experience of our members and all building services practitioners in getting more CIBSE specific services support, knowledge and recognition.

Looking ahead, the Branch are organizing the CIBSE Retreat Day 2017 on 23 September 2017 to establish a visionary and 3-year rolling action plan in line with the strategic framework of CIBSE Vision 2020 and foundation of the Branch’s operation and initiatives being contributed to members as well as the industry.

The Branch looks forward to have continuous support of members and all building services engineering communities to our various initiatives and activities, views are most welcome for the continuous enhancement and development of the Hong Kong Branch.

Stanley CHOW
Chair, CIBSE Hong Kong Branch, Session 2017-18

CIBSE President Peter Y Wong and Past Chairs of CIBSE HK Branch (Dr PL YUEN (L) and Mr. Thomas CHAN(R))
CIBSE President Peter Y Wong and Past Chairs of CIBSE HK Branch (Dr PL YUEN (L) and Mr. Thomas CHAN(R))