CIBSE Hong Kong Region


The CIBSE has the vision of promotion the art, science and practice of building services engineering for the benefit of all, and the advancement of education and research in building services engineering.


The Institution has two main functions:

1. It confers an internationally recognized badge of quality;

2. It undertakes a wide range of learned society activities ranging from producing information services and acknowledged in-dustry good practice publications in its series of Guides and other publications, to running a wide range of events, and to pro-viding extensive networking activities through a series of regional and special interest groups.



The CIBSE Hong Kong Region is one of the largest CIBSE regions and has about 2,800 members. CIBSE HKR represents CIBSE in Hong Kong, especially with respect to membership development, public image and co-ordination with other learned societies in Hong Kong. CIBSE HKR also administers the grant from Headquarters for the interest of CIBSE members in Hong Kong and conducts professional review interviews and training assessment in Hong Kong on behalf of Headquarters.


The CIBSE HKR organizes appropriate activities for and provides membership or training advice to CIBSE members in Hong Kong, but also advises, assists and monitors the learned society functions organized jointly with Building Services Division of HKIE, Hong Kong Chapter of ASHRAE for CIBSE members in Hong Kong.


Development Plan

Since May 2004, CIBSE has opened its doors to a much wider range of corporate members, with changes to its membership criteria. The new rules mean that corporate membership will be based on candidates reaching CIBSE’s professional compe-tence standard. As a result, CIBSE is able to attract new corporate members who, although academically qualified and experienced in building services, do not meet the Engineering Council’s narrow academic requirements. This move reflects the growing diversity of the building services, the changing role of services engineers and a more outward looking Institution.


Rules of HK Region