Message of the Chair (Session 2023/2024)

Gary Chiang, the new regional chair for CIBSE Hong Kong welcomes opportunities for collaboration, improved building performance, and membership growth.


First of all, I wish to express my sincere appreciation to both Organization committee and the committee for organizing this very important annual general meeting which is the 1st face-to-face AGM since 2019. This is an excellent opportunity for our member and distinguish guests to sit together and to exchange opinions under a common agenda, focusing on issues and challenges associated with the growth of CIBSE.

It is my great honor and pleasure to be elected as the Chair of the CIBSE Hong Kong Region in the session 2023/2024 and sincere gratitude to all past Chairs and Honorary Advisors for their dedication, guidance, and tremendous mentoring throughout the years.


Secondly, I want to give my great appreciation to our Hong Kong Region team, outgoing Chair – TC CHAN, all committee members, Shanghai Panel and our young members – YEN for their excellent works and contribution. Under the 5th wave of Coronavirus pandemic, the term wasn’t an easy one and they have contributed a lot to make the regions up and running.


New Era

When lockdowns began in early 2020, we can’t hardly imagine the long road ahead and it takes more than 3 years to take our mask off. Today, at works, schools, restaurants and airports, we are witnessing a remarkable change. Masks are rarely seen. People are hugging, crowding, traveling. It shows that most forms of activity have returned to normal. I believe, in this year, we have a lot more to do to bring our members back to normal. We are organising more physical events as a platform to social networking, share view. We are planning field visit to manufacturers, to bring in new technology to this field. This year, I’m sure we will fill our schedule and connect our members.



Continuous growth of membership is the first priority in my agenda.

CIBSE represent professionals that establish standards and ethics in a Building Services industry. CIBSE is an outstanding platform that members can network with best profession in this field. We have all those foundations there, all we need to do is to voice out and let them know.

I hope to gain an understanding of what members in the region need, adapting to meet this demand.

We will continue to promote CIBSE membership by organizing different sharing session, CPD courses, seminar, Joint Symposium and providing the latest knowledge through the CIBSE Knowledge Portal to the industry.



We will host the Joint Symposium 2023 which jointly organized by CIBSE Hong Kong Region, Hong Kong Institute of Engineers (HKIE), ASHRAE HK Chapter and Hong Kong Polytechnic University – Department of Building Services Engineering is November 2023.


Hong Kong Awards

The CIBSE Hong Kong Awards, which is one of the most highly recognized award in Hong Kong. We are organizing the 3rd one this year. We are expanding our category to cover more sectors who had an outstanding performance in the last few years.


Best Design Practice

In responding to the rapid growth of digital solution, we are preparing the Best Design Practice in Building Intelligent Services to guide through our members to get ready the challenge in technology breakthrough in near future.



Kevin Mitchell – President 2022/23 set out to inspire the next generation of engineers when he became CIBSE President in May 2022. I share the same view with him that young engineers will also be an important part in our development. It is not about the development of CIBSE, it is more about the development of Building Services Engineer in the next generation. I am keen to develop more training and support to them. I will work with our YEN to develop new engagement programme so that they can in one way learn more about Building Services to advance their engineering knowledge but the same time find it’s funny, interesting and feel happy to be part this CIBSE family. We will explore how to extend our programme to colleague and school.



I would like to express my sincere thanks to all past Chairs and Honorary Advisors for their continue support and guidance for the past years. Special appreciation must also give to our Hong Kong Region team, outgoing Chair – TC CHAN, immediate past chair Vincent MA, all committee members, Shanghai Panel and our young members – YEN for their excellent works, contribution and making many successful activities to members. And most importantly, my appreciation to support from UK home council.


Thank you.


Gary Chiang


CIBSE Hong Kong Region (2023/24)