Message of the Chair (Session 2024/2025)

Dear Past Chairs, fellow members, ladies and gentlemen,


Good evening!


I stand before you today with a deep sense of honor and gratitude as I assume the role of the new Chair of the CIBSE HK Region. I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt appreciation to our past chair and committee members for their outstanding dedication and hard work in leading this to where it stands today. A special thanks goes to Gary, for his extraordinary leadership and fantastic achievements in the last year. I am totally impressed by Gary’s energy and determination. He sets a high standard to aspire to.


Appreciation also goes to the entire NEW committee for 24/25 section for their unwavering support to me. I appreciate everyone is extremely busy for their daily works, but the commitment from the committee members is wholehearted and steadfast. I am looking forward to collaborating more with the committee members to deliver our duties for CIBSE Hong Kong Region. The unselfish contribution from all the committee members is the key for success for CIBSE HKR. I particularly grateful for the contribution of Young Engineers Network (YEN), I am always overwhelmed by their can-do spirit and remarkable talents, you are all very trustable team members we can always count on.


In Hong Kong Region, we have over 3,000 CIBSE members, which is around 15% of the global membership of CIBSE, making us the largest international region – a truly commendable feat! This amazing achievement is something we must be very proud of ourselves. My ambition is to focus on the continuous growth of membership, by building upon the robust foundation established by all my predecessors. Together as a team, I have strong faith that we will continue promoting CIBSE via various forums, platforms, and channels.


In the forthcoming year, I will be working with the committee members, to organize various activities, technical seminars, Joint training courses, technical visits joint symposium and etc. Please do join us and show your support to us. Your active participation and insights are crucial and most welcome. They will help us improve and enhance our offerings.


Additionally, I will dedicate my efforts to some other initiatives, such as advocating Women-in-Engineering, driving Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI), nurturing young member growth and fostering collaboration with other institutions. As the representative of CIBSE HK Region, I am committed to contributing towards a harmonious Engineering Industry.


Today I am humbled to follow in the footsteps of Gary and all the other Past Chairs. Please accept my utmost appreciation once again to Gary, all the past chairs, and committee members. A heartfelt thank you for entrusting me with the opportunity to serve as the incoming Chair for the CIBSE Hong Kong Region. I promise I will do all my best!


Last but the least, thank you everyone attending the AGM today. Also, to mention, our annual dinner which is also a celebration of our 45th Anniversary will be held on 14th March. We are looking forward to meeting our members in the event and let us have a wonderful celebration.


Hyvan Wong


CIBSE Hong Kong Region (2024/25)