Technical Seminar on Sustainable HVAC System Design
Date/Time: 18/11/2016 2:15 pm - 5:15 pm
Venue: 77 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong
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Organised by: ASHRAE / BEAM
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About 90% of total electricity consumption in Hong Kong is contributed by buildings and HVAC system contributed the most energy consumption in commercial buildings. Through enhancement of building energy efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions have been gradually reduced. In October 1998, the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department has launched the voluntary Hong Kong Energy Efficiency Registration

Scheme for Buildings to promote the application of the Building Energy Code. To further promote building energy efficiency, the Government enacted the Buildings Energy Efficiency Ordinance (the Ordinance) which has come into full operation since 21 September 2012.
The improvements in the economy and an increased focus on efficiency are driving increases in the market for energy-efficient HVAC equipment and system. Also in the long run, increasingly stringent regulatory environments will also drive growth in energy-efficient commercial HVAC system markets. According to some researches, global revenue for energy-efficient commercial HVAC systems is expected to double in next two decade.
As concerns about the environmental impact of energy generation and uncertainty over future energy prices increase, efficiency improvements in HVAC equipment and systems become more attractive. Over the years, Building Owners, Engineers and Designers are adopting energy efficient system in their buildings, and continue to optimize to its best performance according to the loading demand. Also the market is also looking for some emerging new system and technologies.
In this technical seminar, the speaker will review the design consideration of the variable primary flow in chilled water system to achieve its best performance, he will also discuss the potential concern of the system and its potential remedies. Besides, the speaker will discuss about the Thermal Energy Storage and share his experiences in US.