2023 Symposium on Digital Management in the Post-Pandemic Era
Date/Time: 19/05/2023 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Venue: Ball Room, Level7, Cordis Hotel, Mongkok
Categories: Past Events
Enquiry: Renee Tsui admin@theiet.org.hk / Jan Chiu jan.chiu@ymail.com Tel: (852) 2778 1611
Organised by: The IET HK


Advancement in semiconductor fabrication and computer science over the past decades has revolutionized the way in which organizations operate, a phenomena commonly known as Digital imperative.

As the speed of the Digital imperative accelerates, organizations must regularly review and update their technological platforms so as to reflect the market, competition, technological and societal need.

The global lockdown as a consequence of COVID-19 presented a whole new set of challenges to the corporate world where new solution chains that run deep across processes, people and technology became the foundation of which the shape of things to come will be depended upon.

Fundamental rethinking on data security; enhanced productivity tools that facilitates better interpersonal communications with multiple remote sites; electronics fund transfer and digital currency; digital commerce; data analytic; the applications of artificial intelligence and the implication of emerging technology such as quantum computers should be explored at a strategic level by top executives of all organizations who wish to survive and thrive in the coming decades.

The Symposium therefore aims to bring in experts and seasoned speakers from Government, IT solution companies, consultant, public corporations, bank, developer and well-known organizations who are holding key roles in driving digital transformation, and share views and exchange ideas on challenges encountered and how to cope with cyber security and digital management.

The targeted Symposium audiences are professionals and senior management from government, public sector, academia and private enterprises, who have common interests in the subject.