Joint Technical Seminar on HVAC System Vibration Isolation Solutions
Date/Time: 6 September 2023 6:45 pm – 8:00 pm
Venue: HKIE Headquarter James Chiu Room, 9/F Island Beverley, Causeway Bay Hong Kong
Categories: Past Events
Enquiry: Mr. Taylor WONG at 5127 0707 or email at

Mechanical vibration and vibration-induced noise are common sources of occupant complaints in all types of buildings. Most of this vibration is caused by reciprocation motion from HVAC equipment. This presentation will show the appropriate solutions and systems to solve these common problems.


Based on the data published in the ASHRAE Handbook, we will look at types of isolators, the correct isolator deflection, based on equipment and floor span as well as the recommended type of base. We will look at successful case studies and some failures due to the wrong selection of isolation system. We will touch on terms such as Isolation Efficiency, Natural Frequency, Isolator Safety Factor and lateral Spring Stiffness. The presentation will also briefly touch on pipe riser isolation, flexible pipe connectors and Commercial Airflow Attenuation.