Joint Technical Seminar on Use of Nanofibrous Air Filtration to Save Energy and Improve ESG Performance
Date/Time: 27 March 2024 (Wednesday) 7:00 pm (Registration) 7:15 pm – 8:15 pm
Venue: Lecture Theatre 02 (LT-02), IVE (Morrison Hill), Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Categories: Past Events
Enquiry: Ms Daphne Chan at 6731 4785 or email by

IAQ has been getting increased public concerns, particularly under the pandemic situation. Air filter is commonly used in air-conditioning system to remove the pollutants such as PM2.5 or even PM0.3 if the virus is concerned. Eddie will share his knowledge in ASHRAE Std. 62.1 – Ventilation and Acceptable Indoor Air Quality and ASHRAE Std. 52.2 – Method of testing General Ventilation Air Cleaning Devices for Removal Efficiency by Particle Sizes. He will also explain how particulate matters are removed by air filters through the five air filtration mechanisms and how these mechanisms affect the filtration efficiencies and pressure drops of air filters.

At last, Eddie will tell us how we can save energy by applying nanotechnology on air filters, reduce The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and improve ESG Performance.