CIBSE Technical Seminar on Latest Development of Lift Engineering (Fully Booked)
Date/Time: 01/02/2018 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Venue: Room TU103, 5/F, Block Z, Phase 8, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Categories: Past Events
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Organised by: CIBSE HKB


In the first part of the seminar, Mr Michael Kwok will review the historical development of building energy codes in Hong Kong.  The changes from BEC 2012 to BEC 2015 and requirements of BEC 2015 in relation to lift and escalator installations will be discussed.  In addition, the trend of considerations in the 2018 review of BEC for lifts and escalators will be presented.

Multi-car systems have been applied in overseas lift installations for a number of years and developed fast in recent years.  The concept, except that for double-deck lifts, is however relatively new in Hong Kong.  In the second part of the seminar, Mr K.L. Lee will share with us the relevant design consideration, advantages, project management and safety concerns for a new multi-car system being installed in Hong Kong.  The future prospect for the applications in Hong Kong will also be explored.

In Hong Kong, there have been over 40% of lifts & escalators installed over 20 years. It is the right moment to perform modernisation in order to extend the equipment life cycle. Although the “true” traffic analysis in live building is not easy to calculate, simulate, and measure, new technologies can assist us to modernise the lifts & escalators from planning to installation in a seamless way.  Indeed, lifts & escalators are not the silent parts in our building. Mr Max Wong will introduce how we can listen to real-time machine conversations between lifts and escalators and the Internet of Things (IoT) cloud, and translated into human voices. With new technologies and connectivity, we are able to better meet users’ changing needs and expectations on speed, transparency and predictability. The customised approach for maintenance services is designed together with users to help them better succeed in their business and add value in a totally new way.